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The perfect beauty icon! 
Her flawless natural makeup with the cat eye.
Her outfit is so vibrant yet soft.
Is she even real? How can she be so perfect? 
Istanbul, Turkey 
So peaceful…
Wish I had a magic carpet to take me there! >:( 
Fun Fact: In Greece, they wipe their walls with unicorn blood. That’s why their eye blinding white!!! 
Srsly. Why is Greece such a paradise? 
"I’m NOT posh, I’m very articulate, thanks to Winnie the Pooh" - Dan
He’s so charming! hahaha
Can we talk about his posh representation???
"So I was in my champagne bath while watching a Polo match when my my butler walked in….What do you take me for? A PEASANT??" 
"Kids! I just stole a loaf of bread because I’M POOR and guess what you’re poor too and Sultans guards are about to get us"
-proceeds to sing One Jump-
AAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA i adore swoozie06 videos. 
and every freaking Aladdin reference are so funny! 
Sleeeeeeep <3
It kinda scares me School’s about to start…
and i won’t be able to sleep till noon anymore :(

Back to homework, exams, CRAZZY teachers, and stress
Ain’t bout that lyfe 
It’s not perfect without some CAMELS! 
Cars are toooo mainstream. Camel is da way ta go! 
Guess who’s booking a ticket to Dubai! 
…NOT ME :’(
So luxurious. Much beauty. 
I remember the pretty ladies pampered me like a Queen when i was sick. And the hot towels was nice. :) 
Sometimes I cry myself to sleep by looking at pictures of Dubai :’(
It’s soooo beautiful….TOO beautiful…